Extra Fine Brushes (7pcs)

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Amateur and professional painters alike will appreciate the quality and adaptability of this Tiny Paint Brushes Set for paint by numbers. Featuring a well-designed triangular handle to make the even tiniest areas look normal and easy, this artist’s brush set provides a comfortable, balanced triangular grip that lets you paint for hours without cramping. The fine point tips let you create neat lines and fine details, making these brushes the ideal choice for work on miniatures. Featuring quality, professional construction and a lifetime replacement, this paint brushes set will support you through every stage of your next creative project.

Paint Brush Set for paint by numbers

Detail Paint Brushes Set Features:

Why you should Have This Detail Paint Brush Set for paint by numbers?

  • ​Ideal for Fine Detail: Featuring ergonomic triangular handles for the ideal grip and balance and the best nylon wool precision points, this paintbrush set is ideal for fine detail work including the tiniest areas on the canvases, models, dollhouses, figurines, miniatures, action figures, and nail and face art.
  • Adaptable Application: Are you looking for watercolor paint brushes or acrylic paintbrushes? This adaptable set can be used with all types of paints from acrylic to watercolors to enamel and even oil paints.
  • Secure Chrome Plated Brass Ferrules: You won’t be painting with brushes that wiggle or fall apart.

Size Chart:

Paint Brush Set for paint by number

Package Includes:

1x set of brown paintbrushes (7 pcs).