What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Large Size Canvases

A large painting by numbers can make an impact wherever it is placed, all on its own. It will; however, require quite a bit of patience and energy to complete. The bigger the painting, the more details it has, and the more shapes you need to fill. It can take days, but will definitely be worth it.

24, 36, 48 Colour Pallet

The more colours you choose, the more detailed your artwork will be. However, you should also upload a photo in good quality, since the image can of course not be better than the photo provided.

With "Standard" you get up to 24 colours, with "More Details" up to 36 colours and with "High Quality" up to 48 colours. 

Extra / Double Paint

Never run out of paint again! If you order extra paint we will include another colour pallet in your order to ensure you will never run out of paint